December 10, , We see in linux kernel log that 7″ and 4. To say trouth, the marking on PCB is as follows: Ok, we will try to issue a reset to wake signal. In the other way a resistive touchscreen has 4 wires. Started by jmasamoto Board TFTs. Probably, you can ask FocalTech what do they know about this?

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That’s why I was confused. July 10, There is a period during boot when this signal has about 2V, not 3. Spontaneous cursor movement can be seen with a threshold of 3 and glass strart to work at threshold 5.

We have three displays with the same behavior. Started by linuz Board TFTs. Most probably they are tri-stated. Similar to item 1 we could not find solution how to improve sensivity.

drivers/input/touchscreen/ftc – kernel/bcm – Git at Google

Is there any guide how to set up touch controller settings to force it to work? Ok, we will try to issue a reset to wake signal. This setting will define the same port with mux setting 0 as output to allow the driver to switch to IO mode. If you get lucky, you might find firmware supporting your device from this linkx. Support is available for sunxi We tried 3 different 4. Usually any touchscreen has a startup procedure during which resets are sent to the touchscreen by the cpu to indicate this procedure.


How to enable support for FT5x06 Multi-Touch Controller on VisionSOM-6ULL

This page has been accessed 55, times. Lnux 08, February 05, For example, if we write in u-boot i2c tool: Started by dfansler Board TFTs. We actually need it to be placed beyong glass as thick as 2 mm or even 4 mm.

The most urgent problem remains with 4. And what do they think?

The rresults are the same. To say trouth, the marking on PCB is as follows: Views Read View source View history. Above description also defines two optional properties for Touchscreens:. Michael, It seems we found a reason of the strange behavior.

Personal tools Create account Log in. I very highly doubt you have defective displays, but if you would like to send them back to us for analysis, you may email nhtech newhavendisplay. FocalTech chip in 4. More information you can find in manuals: Goodix 8xx is currently unsupported by mainline. Regardless, they are the same function. I have not heard of this issue before, and have posted code I have just used confirming the register read does work.

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This page collects all the information about the various touch screen controllers in use on sunxi hardware. We see in linux kernel log that 7″ and 4.