January 08, , I am quite happy to try and help if you want it. I’m not interested in overclocking, so I didn’t touch anything about memory timings and the like. November 08, , It’s not a problem of bended pins at the CPU socket! If it was an upgrade I’ve seen this issue in the past, and you will need to do a clean install of 64 to correct it.

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As it is easier to sort ga945p-s3 BIOS I would advise that you first check which version you are running on ga945p-s3 motherboard and if there is an updated version available. In that case it could be down to settings or that some boards do use some memory themselves. I’m not interested in overclocking, so I didn’t touch anything about memory timings ga945p-s3 the like.

Thanks for the hints, but to me it’s ga945p-s3 that this motherboard is defective, as Parlabarato, Maxix and I have the same problem with different hardware configurations and ga945p-s3 systems. If it was an upgrade I’ve seen this ga945p-s3 in the past, and you will need to do a clean install of 64 to ga945p-s3 it.

ga945p-s3 This ga945p-s3 a very delicate operation so extreme care is ga945-s3. I’ve got the same issue, my motherboard reports 3. Hi and welcome to the Gigabyte Forum.


If it’s reported at BIOS ga945p-s3, it’s clearly a problem of the motherboard, forget about installing ga945p-s3 operative system. In that case I would next check the CPU socket for bent pins. gaa945p-s3

Windows 7 only recognize 3. May 16, January 08, That of course is your view ga945p-s3 just because three ga945p-s3 are having similar problems I fail to see that makes for much of a case. Let’s hope it’s solvable ga945p-s3 a future firmware update, but until that day, I can’t recommend anymore gx945p-s3 buy Gigabyte ga945p-s3.

GAP-s3, really 4gb RAM?

How many ga945p-s3 modules have you got ga945p-s3 Each one should have a mark in the centre maybe more than one if it has been refitted before.

November 08, It also shows ga945p-s3 3. If all of that passes, ga945p-s3 you upgrade from XP or from a 32 Ga945p-s3 system to x64, or was it a clean install?

I’ve been searching any ga945p-s3 at Advances Bios features to remap memory or seem but Have you made all the settings manually or just left ga9445p-s3 on auto? No need to check the CPU socket, bent pins would not affect memory on this system. If so use QFlash to run the update and see if it helps.


Then test a stick in each slot on the motherboard to be ga945p-s3 each slot is working as it should. What setting could limit the ga945p-s3 of ram ga945p-s3 May 13, If you are lucky then that ga945p-s3 do the trick if not you have to look further into it. Can you test each stick of memory one by one, in the first slot on the motherboard to be sure the sticks are all working.

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GA-945P-s3, really 4gb RAM?

And even if it was the problem, what are the odds that I bended the same pins in my ga945p-s3 If there are any without marks or the marks are ga945p-s3 off centre ga945p-s3 it could be a problem with bent pins in the socket.

Dark Mantis ga945p-s3 binaryandoneswhodont. Some are modified, some are in auto. It’s not a problem of bended pins ga945p-s3 the CPU socket! Ya945p-s3 09, ,