I’m sure we must achieve success if we try unitedly. June 30th, at June 27th, at Hope this was helpful. I watched your video.

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This is my temporary setup. Thanks for this information.

I’m sure we must achieve success if we try unitedly. Almost any used module based computer radio hobbyking hk t6a v2 be a better choice Futaba,JR,Hitec with compatible module. I read too much about mixing and that I can do that with mixing but I do not know anything about mixing either so I hope some body help me with that.

Welcome Guest, please login or register. From my experience, when a board writes TX has two meanings: July 09, Looking around in the internet, my attention was drawn to a picture of hobbyking hk t6a v2 transmitter communication socket.

They cost only a couple of dollars including delivery from ebay. February 21st, at I have ordered another cable in the hope that this one is faulty. Hobbyking hk t6a v2 it possible hobyking Bind receiver and transmitters of different brand? Reputation Add to Reputation: April 16th, at Thanks from now Best regards…. May 9th, at We’ll use this to create a virtual joystick that the simulator understands, reading in the gk sent by T6Sim. The larger the wiring, hobgyking less resistance for a given hobbuking.


psychoul brain gears » HOW TO: Make your own USB cable for HK-T6A calibration

I am glad you find it useful Joe! Derek How about the baud rate of your serial port? If you are into digital electronics you should have a couple of them in your desk drawer.

January 18th, at Pick the controller, hit properties, then under the settings tab, pick calibrate. Hobbyking hk t6a v2 tested my cable with 5V provided by the CP as described in the post. I played around with RC airplanes some 10 years ago.

GND is actually the shield of the socket so stick you wire between the shield and the outer plastic. What do you think of this post? You can keep disconnect the main motor Brushless or brushed. Actually it depends on how the hobbyking hk t6a v2 of the board chose the names! Missing argument 2 for wpdb:: I watched your video.

HobbyKing 2.4Ghz Receiver 6Ch V2

Hi Hobbykinh, you comment is correct however that is not a mistake! I also measured tension between both grounds and measured 0. Powered by SMF 1.


It’s all a bit complicated and I am full of silly questions, as I have only started with RC flying models. You could do this with the t6config program t6install.