In TimesTen you can set the SqlQueryTimeout general connection attribute to specify the timeout period in seconds for the connection, and therefore any statement on the connection. Thanks for your simple example for Timesten DB! Binding parameters and executing statements This sections discusses how to bind input or output parameters for SQL statements. This interface specifies the methods addConnectionEventListener and removeConnectionEventListener to register or remove, respectively, a client failover event listener. This method prints out the content of all warning in the linked SQLWarning objects.

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This section covers the following additional features:.

This would return “XY”, because L2 remains read-consistent until it is used for a write. You cannot have multiple open ResultSet objects per statement. Either of the following URL could oracle timesten jdbc used for direct connection: Also, if the prepared statement references a temp table, it is only shared within a single connection.

Example Con necting, executing SQL, and disconnecting. Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement. You must execute a commit or rollback to close the transaction.

Example Synchronous detection of automatic client failover. This is the standard method as specified oracle timesten jdbc the CallableStatement interface: The position method, which returns the jsbc where a specified byte pattern or BLOB pattern begins, is not supported.

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Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

The following oracle timesten jdbc are covered. JDBC support for automatic client failover Automatic client failover is for use in High Availability scenarios with a TimesTen active standby pair replication configuration. This is located in the following directory: Th e OraclePassword attribute maps to the Oracle Database password. You cannot pass parameters to a CallableStatement object by name. All tracks are read, transmitted oraclr applied in parallel.

For example, for time, dates, and timestamps, the PreparedStatement native methods setTimesetDate and setTimestamp have better oracle timesten jdbc than setString. See Table for the default mappings.

TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Catching and re sponding to specific errors Oracle timesten jdbc some situations it may be desirable to respond to a specific SQL state or TimesTen error code. Setting temporary passthrough level with the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure.

If you are evaluating the callable statement with different parameter values in a loop, close the cursor each time at the end of the loop. Be aware of the following: Oacle to TimesTen databases can be either direct or client with direct being the jdnc connection type.

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In many cases this oracle timesten jdbc wasteful. This is a more standard and complete implementation. For Oracle timesten jdbc applications that use parallel replication and specify replication tracks, you can specify the track number for transactions on a connection through the following TimesTenConnection method.

You cannot specify the holdability of a result set, so a cursor cannot remain open after it has been committed.

For example, if two or more separate connections to the oracle timesten jdbc each prepare the same statement, then the second, third, It is recommended that you use Java 6 with TimesTen. Create a connection Oracle timesten jdbc for the database and specify connection attributes. Here are some examples of events that cause Jdbx to issue a warning: TimesTen returns non-fatal errors through the normal error-handling process.

Asynchronous detectionthrough an event listener: The following example shows the basic form of a ClientFailoverEventListener implementation. TimesTen recommends that applications using pooled connections javax.