Han dling fatal errors Fatal errors make the database inaccessible until it can be recovered. Access control cannot be disabled. For JDBC applications that use parallel replication and specify replication tracks, you can specify the track number for transactions on a connection through the following TimesTenConnection method. To use a different value for the second occurrence of a in the SQL statement above: Maximum possible number of elements in the associative array. ResultSet , PreparedStatement , and CallableStatement interfaces, just as they are for other data types. Rep orting errors and warnings You should check for and report all errors and warnings that can be returned on every call.

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Parallel replication over multiple threads that automatically enforces transactional dependencies and all changes applied in commit order.

You should check for and report all errors and warnings that can be returned on every call. Also see “Reporting tjmesten and warnings” immediately below. Calling the ResultSet method oracle timesten jdbc is more costly in terms of performance if the underlying data type is not a string.

For a particular statement, you can override the SqlQueryTimeout setting by calling the Statement method setQueryTimeout. Implement a client failover event oracle timesten jdbc.

All tracks are read, transmitted and applied in parallel. Features for use with replic ation For applications that employ replication, you can improve performance by using parallel replicationwhich uses multiple threads oracle timesten jdbc in parallel to replicate and apply transactional changes to nodes in a replication scheme.


Access control cannot be disabled. Binding is based on the position of the first occurrence oracle timesten jdbc a parameter name. TimesTen provides the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure for setting various flags, including the PassThrough flag to temporarily set the passthrough level.

By default, the application obtains the threshold value from the QueryThreshold general oracle timesten jdbc attribute setting. This section includes the following topics.

(Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Chamara Maduranga When you bind an associative array in Java, match the Java type as closely as possible oracle timesten jdbc the array type for optimal performance. CallableStatement instead of PreparedStatementas follows.

Specify the parameter position and data value. You should escape the backslash character.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference

The TimesTen prefetch count extension provides no benefit for an application using a direct connection to the database. Times TenConnection Connection Provides capabilities such as prefetching rows to improve performance, listening to events for automatic client failover, setting the track number for parallel replication schemes where you specify replication tracks, and checking database validity.

These are identical to inherited from PreparedStatement setter methods. The oracle timesten jdbc method prints out the content of all exceptions in the linked SQLException objects.

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You would receive errors about LOBs being invalidated. Refer to “Create oracle timesten jdbc connection URL for the database and specify connection attributes”. Handling errors This section discusses how to check for, identify, and handle errors tikesten a TimesTen Java application. Sup port for classes in the java.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

ConnectionPoolDataSource use the synchronous mechanism noted previously to handle stale objects on the failed connection. It can bind a different value for the occurrence.

Error handling for these errors should be different from standard error handling. Example Prepared statements for multiple connections This example, prepares three identical parameterized INSERT statements for three separate connections. An oracle timesten jdbc array is a jdb of key-value pairs.

JDBC support for automatic client failover Automatic client failover is for use in High Availability scenarios with a TimesTen active standby pair replication configuration.

If an error has occurred, oracle timesten jdbc may want to roll back the transaction before disconnecting from the database. FailoverEventwhich is an enumeration type where the value can be one of the following:.

See “Setting a threshold duration for SQL statements”. PreparedStatement “insert into t1 values?