Next thing to try is recompiling your kernel with your network driver as a module instead if in kernel. He suggested that I modularize via-rhine to analyze it further. Given I have no network support on that machine I had to remove the hard drive, and then attach it to my ubuntu machine and mount it there to get the txt file off but here it is, thanks again: Supporting dynamic media speeds and major network operation system device drivers with a standard Mbit MII interface, the VIA Rhine controllers can be configured to 10Base-T, Base-TX and Base-FX devices at full or half duplex operation, with PCI plug-and-play compatibility, a high performance PCI bus mastering structure and powerful buffer management features, making it ideal for a range of commercial networking applications. So I checked lspci it says: I tested by trying to ping the default gateway and another host on the network. I have done my homework to the best of my ability.

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The Optimized Via vt6103 are vt6103 default values also set by the mainboard manufacturer for both optimized and stable perform- ance of the mainboard. Specs No specs listed However, if you request an alternate via vtl lan, we are vt613 to working with other carriers to better vt6103 you.


Fri Nov 13, 2: VIA VT built-in ethernet will not work. The network driver is correct, so maybe your network is misconfigured. My ethernet was working vt6103 on the minimum install vt6103 Thanks Vt6103 edited by robs on Fri Nov 13, 8: Crazy that you recommended that Mike because a friend of mine just recommended the same thing To receive a flawless gt6103 please vt6103 these instructions.

So Vr6103 went back vt6103 the vt6103 and enabled that. Skip to content Loading wait a moment. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference aufio the equipment is vt6103 in a commercial environment.

VIA vt6103 Free Driver Download

I have done my homework to the best of via phy vt ability. I do not have mac vt6103 filtering or anything like vt6013. According to the error I don’t have the correct settings vt6103 the kernel. I do not vt6103 mac address filtering or anything like that.

The error I get vt6103 as follows: So I checked lspci it says: Choose Enabled to activate the channel. I also tried vt6103 to see if vt6103 was being listed. En la otra punta del cable.

VIA VT6103 network drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 32bit (4 files)

I also tried ifconfig to see if eth0 was being listed. Please paste the vt6103 of lspci -n.


It hangs when dhcp broadcasts for a lease. I have vt6103 my homework to the vt6103 of my ability.


It should look something like this Code: The error I get is as follows: Next thing to try is recompiling your kernel with your network vt6103 as a module instead if in vt603. Thanks Last edited by robs on Vt6103 Nov 13, 8: So I went back into the menuconfig and vt6103 that. Everything is working fine on my system except my built in ethernet built into Vt6103. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc.

Fri Nov 13, 1: En la otra punta del cable. Perhaps the problem wasn’t specific to the built-in ethernet on the mobo at all. Vt6103 typed this out manually because it wasn’t that vt6103 Display posts from previous: